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 Batos Radio & TV 

Importers & Distributors of Electronic Components

Fully but I mean Fully Equiped Workshop + small scale manufactaring

*We offer the most Comprehensive range of Electronic Components *..*Fully equiped and most sophisticated Workshop on the East Rand *..*Speaker & Speaker Box Test Fascility ..*We custom make SHAKER speaker Crosovers* etc.etc

                    Get the Distance with Batos Antennas and 2 way Radios ! ! !

News and Happennings at ZS6ERB East Rand Branch of SARL .

PIC Course Lectures for download   No1

   Bato   de ZS6BAT  at Your Service

   Batos Radio & TV Contact


     Batos House 93 3rd St Springs 1560

                P.O Box 1518 Springs 1560

                Tel: 011 362-2085   

         Email :bato@batos.co.za

          Skype Contact : batojak

              You Tube: batojak