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Dummy Alarm

Tele Music

Smt Veroboard

Squeza  ???

Alarm Control Box

 Car Check

 Laser Light + Led Torch

Switches 3 Page Catalogue

School Projects

20x Magnifers

Pasive VU meter

Stereo Audio Level Adaptor


Car Interior Light Delay

5 Most popular Sirens


Dore Bell Switch Iluminated

Satelite Finder for Dishes

Plugs and sockets 16 Page

Adaptors Audio Video Computer 4 page

  AC - DC Fans High Quality

Fine Enamel Cu Wire

        Quick Fix Solder for Desoldering ....
     Soldering Irons & Soldering Stations
                  Boxes Enclosures
          Video Amplifer Splitter
          Video to VGA Converter
                    Gas Soldering Iron
      Cords Wires and Cables 4 page
         Microwave Ovens Magnatrons
            Differnt Items Units Gadgets ....
                    IC Sockets full range
                       Car Aerials
                       ** Video1 **


*Dummy Alarm will flash 2 LEDs non stop for up to a year..... R             

*Tele Music   Play the music or any sound adverts on the telephone line...  ...  

*Smt Veroboard   Universal solder board for smd Components...     R

*Squeza  Squizze tooth paste tubes.....      Single  R                                                  

*Alarm Control Box   Residential and small commercial applications....    

*Car Check  Test Diagnose & Repaire any Car, Truck, Bus,Motorbike, Golf Cart et....   R                 

*Laser Light + Led Torch ...       

*Switches we carry aproximatly + 300 different Types of switches pdf of some of the most popular ones....      

*Simple School Projects we can supply according to project.....

*20x Magnifers see ....  R                                                                                                                               

*Pasive VU Meter No more blown Speakers.... R                                                                                       

*Stereo Audio Level Adaptor  Convert Speaker output  to a Audio Line level....    R                   

*Grommets are made from fines quality Termo Synthetic Rubber.. Comes in a packet of 100 pices .As the grommets are manufactured by my  (Family Factory) I am capable of supplying any quantity .    

*Car Interior Light Dely  it will keep the cars interior Light on for a while... R 229.95                          

*5 Most popular Sirens for 12V DC .......

*LLLB   Long Life Bulbs gives you aproximatly 10x longer life span

* Dore Bell Switch Iluminated with extra bright Light for ilumination... 

* Plugs & Sockets some of the 5000 Plugs & Sockets..... that we carry in stock in a pdf format....You have not seen catalogue like it & still updating.

*Adaptors used for Audio Video & Computer applications     

*AC-DC Fans High Quality Ball bearing  all sizes  40x40x10mm  R 70.00. .. ... + Fan Guards & Filters ....*Quick Fix Solder for Quick removal Desoldering of Surface mount Components without Expensive Tools & Jigs. This You must definetly see... becouse only than you will belive that it is posiable.We do have demo movie  which you can download & view by clicking following link 

*Relays (finest quality ).....   *IC Sockets FULL RANGE you will be surprised with variety we carry .... 

*Soldering Irons & Soldering Stations of the fainest Quality at Reasonable Price .... *Gas Soldering Iron   R ....

*Boxes Enclosures different sizes....   *Video Amplifer Splitter 1 in 6 out with Independant Otput Level Adj  Only R 899.00 Vat Incl ....   *Video to VGA Converter (1280 x 1024  resolution)  Only R 1200 Vat incl....*Cords,Wires & Cables Full range, If we do not have it we will make it  ...... *Microwave Ovens  Magnatrons full range starting

from R350.00....  *Speakers all sizes & Shapes we have + 150 different types .......*Different Items Units Gadgets

aveliable by us ex stock ... *Headphones of the Highest Quality.JUMPING Headphones... *Selectors HDMI Selector 4in 1 Out   R  . Audio Video Selector RCA & S-Video Plugs Hi Quality Unit R  .... *Car Aerials wide range of Car replacment Aerials...  * ** Video1 ** See what is happening and listen to the conversation and talk to the unit thru its built in speaker from anywhere in the world from your 3G cell phone.... *Sat Finder is a finest Quality Instrument with Vu Indicator built in Speakers & sensitivity Adjustment for fast & accurate adjustment of any...





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