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Gas Micro Torch

Potentiometers Trimpots .....

Hybrid Solar Charger

Solid State Toglle Switch 6-16DC 6A
Mini DC Voltmeter 0-32V DC
Magnets Neodymium STRONG
Magic Boliki
Tilt Swich Mini

 Suction Digital Display Thermometer.

Knob 1

Led Sq 4W White

Solar Controller Regulator 1 to10A
AVR for AC
Smart Battery Protector
DC Power Box
20W Solar panel with Regulator
Telephone Line ON-OFF with Led indicator
24V Power Supplys...
Thermal Switch
Ventilation Fans
Motor Starting Caps
Magnum Soldering Irons
Wire Tracer Toneprobe
Latching  On-Off mini Push switch
Worlds most Advanced Remote Remote Control for Any TV
Smd Leds
Lugs Insulated and Non Insulated
Test Probes with Hook
Ball Tilt Switch
PP3 Connector
Miniature Dupont Male and Female
Capacitor  1000Pf  15KV
Cloth Insulation Tape
Till Rolls
Syringes and Needles

Batos Price list of some of +15000 we have Ex stock .  ICs,Trans,Di... Plugs Sockets Soldering Irons Mics,Boxes etc  

Multipurpose  Gas Micro Torch (can develop 1300 C deg temperature) and can be used for hobbyist or professional applications.Uses ordinary Cigarette lighter gas. Size of the flame can be precisely adjusted

Hybrid Solar Charger  +++Solid St Togl Switch  6-16V DC 6A  R   +++Mini DC Voltmeter 0-32V DC   R       buy 10pcs -30%

Magnet Strong  Neodymium   buy 10 -30%   +++ Magic Boliki   R     +++Touch U      

Suction Digital Display Termometr  R          



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