*We offer the most Comprehensive range of Electronic Components *..*Fully equiped and most sophisticated Workshop on the East Rand *..*Speaker & Speaker Box Test Fascility  ..*We custom make SHAKER speaker Crosovers* etc.etc


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Batos  Radio & TV     Your one stop Electronic Shop    

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     BatosRadio & TV

Eprom Programing



Capacitive Micro Spot Welding

Micro plating Cu, Nickel & Zinck 

Soldering Iron Tip Tinning and Cleaning...  Guaranteed


Pictures Movies Technical Fun






 *Eprom Programing   Batos Universal Eprom Programing Services we are able to program most if not   any    ......       *Workshop and small Manufacturing fascilities. We do have most sophisticated workshop on the East Rand      * Pictures & Photos that Bato has posted on the Web....           *Movies Technical must see, Fun posted  by Bato on the Web.....    






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