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Antennas Price List

Part1       Part2        Part3

SlimR1 pamflet

SlimCu1 pamflet

Double BAZOOKA V2 Hand held Antenna made by us with a gain of  over 4.2 dBi .Replaces your rubber duckie yet it gives you the distance of a car roof mount antenna

B2   Hand Held Ruberduck Antenna only 3-4cm long 446Mhz.

 FM1 Antenna for 88-108Mhz FM Band Yagi.

Cellular / Modem Antenna 824-1000Mhz and 1700-2170Ghz Gain 11dB

B464 Hand Held Ruberduck Antenna only 3-4cm long for 464Mhz...

B146 Hand Held Antenna is perfectly matched and tuned Rubber Duck  custom made by us specifically for 2m Band with center frequency at 145Mhz.

Batos Antenna1  Movie Explains Yaggi Antenna

NEW  1st in SA RDF (Radio Direction Finding)

Batos & Zartek 2 Way Radios

Interference Filters  Let us HELP You ! ! !

FM  88Mhz 108Mhz Ribon  Antenna  Slim Jim  ..

50-54 Mhz Antenna portable

50-54 Mhz Antenna  car









        MFJ Antennas  Super Performers  aveliable.



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